File contents:

The file contains a digital clock to be placed on your PC's desktop. The clock has three dials that may be set to different time zones, and an amusing animation that regularly beats the time.

You may access our homepage directly from the “” banner placed in the upper section of the clock, while by right clicking on the banner you will activate our “File Transfer” function, thus enabling you to link up with us easily and rapidly.

Download instruction
Left click on the button "click here"
When you are asked "Do you want to open or save the file you are downloading?" select "Save". Select the directory in which you want to save the file, and save without changing the prompted name.

Installation instructions:
The file is compressed. Extract it using the Windows XP or Winzip program (downloadable from
Copy the extracted file into the Windows folder. Decompress the file content in a folder on the desktop.

Double click on the icon to run the ClockDomain.exe file. Right click on the clock to open the settings and help menu.

Close window