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[enabling us to achieve our clients' success]

Leading solutions-driven company
Soget's distinguishing characteristic has always been its continuous commitment to innovation. 30 years ago we developed our first Arabic packaging; two decades ago we designed the fonts required to produce texts in Eastern European languages; in the 1990s we became pioneers of the early computer aided translation systems; today we offer solutions capable of interacting with our customers' workflow.

Skills to translate into any language and for any sector
Soget's aim is to become its customers' sole supplier for all documentation needs concerning both traditional and emerging markets, offering translations in over 100 languages. Our translators and revisers - mother tongue professionals specialised in specific sectors - may avail of all our word processing resources in any alphabet.

Full documentation cycle
We perform all the services underlying multilingual documentation: drafting and translation of technical manuals; software and website localisation; DTP and printing.
Single point of contact
Our Project Managers coordinate our suppliers' activities, liaising with the customer and outsourcing customised workflows. This involves analysing the budget alongside our sales agents, and monitoring quality.
Compatible, interoperable, evolutionary technology
Soget supports its customers' in all its IT choices, guaranteeing compatibility with any software format (Word, FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, etc.), with the relevant operating system (Mac or Windows), and with all forms of translation memories (Across, SDL Trados, SDLX, Star Transit, Déjà Vu, Tmx), whether handling entire projects or minor documentation updates and website contents. We focus all our efforts on developing solutions that reduce lead times and, in time, also curb costs for the customer.
Specific methods and solutions to reduce lead times and costs
We are specialised in the use of “Computer Aided Translation” (CAT) technologies, based on the use of translation memories, and “Corporate Translation Management” (CTM), aimed at managing the full multilingual documentation cycle, from drafting texts to translating and publishing same in any DTP format.
Experienced Project Managers and specialised professional resources
All our Project Managers are qualified consultants with a university education and knowledge of at least two foreign languages. They receive constant training, have obtained SDL Trados and Across Systems certification, and are specialised in the use of management systems and Microsoft Office. Their role includes qualifying translators and selecting the best resources for each individual project, acting as the link between the customer, Soget and its professional resources.
Precious sector-specific skills, straight from our customers
In over 30 years of business, we have developed considerable experience in the translation field and in technical-linguistic activities, carried out for leading companies, for which we have produced termbases, corporate glossaries, style guides and other such documentation. This forms the basis of our in-depth sector-specific knowledge, placed at the service of present and future customers.
Customer base
Although our services are aimed primarily at medium/large-sized companies and public administrations, Soget also offers its translation, interpreting, sworn translation and legalisation services, and other specialised activities, to small concerns and professionals.
Prestigious international partnerships, with a view to increasing our skills
Partnerships with Across Systems, Adobe Systems Incorporated and Microsoft Corporation allow us to become acquainted in advance with the technologies our customers will be using in the near future.

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