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Font conversions
[IT solutions for the conversion of fonts and multilingual codes]

The first service offered enables the use of a Windows font in Mac and vice versa, while the second enables the use of a Windows text in Mac and vice versa. The last service allows texts in all languages, in one or more fonts, to be viewed on any browser (in Mac, Windows, etc.).


Conversion of Postscript, TrueType and OpenType fonts

This service allows us to convert practically all Mac or PC fonts from one format to another.
Format conversions support Postscript Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master and Opentype fonts.
In addition to enabling the use of the same font both in Windows and Macintosh, this service allows special elements required for certain scripts (accents, etc) to be integrated into the chosen font.

The service also includes the creation of new fonts.


File conversion from Windows to Macintosh

Macintosh operating systems prior to version 10 and Windows systems prior to NT 4 use script fonts whose codes do not match (ISO and ANSI, etc.).

Therefore, it is not possible to import Word for Windows files written in Arabic, Czech, Russian or Romanian into Macintosh 7, 8 or 9, as the texts would lose their accents or be viewed as a meaningless sequence of letters.
Our solution resolves this problem, thus avoiding the bothersome need to retype texts.

For example, our solution allows files in Russian, Polish, Greek, etc. written in MS Word for Windows to be used within a Macintosh Quark XPress layout.

This solution may be applied to any type of font in Ascii, Ansi, Iso, Unicode, etc.

Our services include both the simple conversion of files and the repagination of documents.

Multi browser

Font codes
This solution allows us to create web pages using fonts that may be viewed anywhere, on the browsers of any PC.
We supply the technology required to view font families (any font in any language) and web page codes.

Our texts may be viewed on the Internet as fonts (and not as graphic files), and therefore may immediately be loaded and indexed, while meeting all access needs.

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