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Multilingual publishing
[Publishing solutions for the drafting of new texts, the creation and production of technical and marketing documents, DTP, pre-printing and printing services]

Soget offers publishing solutions aimed at drafting new texts, at creating and producing marketing and technical documentation and techniques, at Desktop Publishing and at printing and pre-printing services.

The following sections describe the main services supplied.

Every solution is aimed at improving the quality and consistency of products, maintaining a high level of work efficiency, reducing costs and accelerating the market penetration times of a product.

The language skills of our translators and localisers, together with our structures and editing resources, have allowed us to specialise in the production of multilingual documentation.

We guarantee that the complete documentation cycle is managed, so as to provide the finished product (printed and bound manual, PDF, DVD, etc.), and that individual services are carried out in line with specific needs and compatibility requisites.

Our work may be summed up as follows:

  • translation / localisation of contents in over 100 languages
  • reduced translation and pagination times and costs (CAT solutions)
  • computer-based management of updates (amendments, subsequent versions, etc.)
  • compatibility with all the latest released versions of all the main graphic applications (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Corel PhotoPaint, Macromedia FreeHand, Macomedia Fireworks, etc.)
  • compatibility with all the latest released versions of all the main DTP applications (Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, Interleaf QuickSilver, MS Publisher, Quark Xpress) and with the relating versions specific to the Middle East, Asia, etc.
  • compatibility of font libraries in all languages and alphabets
  • compatibility with Windows and Macintosh.

In addition to all the main proprietary formats, we can create or migrate multilingual documentation in XML, SGML and HTML.

Please see the PDF "Software Resources" for a list of the main applications used.


We have developed software applications to convert and share text files between different operating systems, in all the main languages and alphabets. This solutions allows us, for examples, to use an Arabic file produced in Ms Word for Windows within a QuarkXPress layout produced in Macintosh, without needing to retype the text.

Our services also include drafting or checking documentation in line with national (e.g. Machinery Directives, UNI, etc.) or international (ISO, MIL, etc.) regulations.

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