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Across Partner
[Soget, the Italian partner for all those interested in adopting Across technologies. Full collaboration, from data migration to training]

The management of increasingly complex translation projects often leads to a work load on a par with the translation process itself. Using Across to manage the workflow helps optimise the process while generating considerable savings and improving the translation quality.

Produced by the German company Across Systems GmbH, a branch of NERO Ag, Across Language Server is a software system that manages corporate language resources and controls translation processes and workflows.

It is a full Corporate Translation Management (CTM) solution, targeted at all those who offer or order professional translations, such as medium or large enterprises focusing on exportation, departments handling the language services of international and multinational companies, and providers of professional translation services.


The software has open interfaces for continuous workflows operating through client/server (crossWAN) technologies. It integrates the entire process and all the parties involved in a single environment, regardless of geographical location: staff within the organisation, professionals or companies to whom work is outsourced either fully or partially, project managers, mother tongue translators, reviewers and DTP operators.
Furthermore, CrossGrid overcomes the limitations imposed by the client/server architecture, connecting more than one Across server and offering allocation functions in multiple phases.

Across Systems is the only independent provider of translation technologies. This means that it does not actually offer translation services, allowing the customer the freedom to choose the most suitable language provider.
Our partnership offers our customers:
  • the migration of documents, translation memories and glossaries to the Across Language Server
  • the skilful use of Across technologies, long before our competitors 
  • the expert management and sharing of multilingual projects set up on the Across Language Server
  • the possibility of sharing multilingual projects with other local partners
  • technical support for the management of projects using the Across Language Server or based on CrossTerm translation memories. This service is offered through our technicians and by our Project Manager's direct interaction with the Across help desk. 

Across Language Server offers compatible and innovative instruments that simplify, accelerate and improve management, coordination and implementation activities in the translation field: memories, terminology system, universal editor, process and product controls.

Furthermore, it also offers a series of functions enabling the management of multilingual translations in sequence and the splitting and subsequent reconstruction of texts, safeguarding all data (formatting, page numbers, indices, etc.).

The Update Wizard option allows original documents and relating translations to be updated easily and rapidly by analysing and highlighting differences.

This efficient approach to translating has the immediate result of drastically reducing translation lead times and costs, with a short to medium term ROI.

Installing an Across system can lead to up to an 80% reduction in translation costs, avoiding the doubling of work and creating and providing all interested users with a consistent and approved terminology database, constituting a fully fledged corporate asset.

White paper and case study are available in Pdf form on the website www.across.net

Soget is an Across certified service provider.
We possess an CrossGrid server for the management of translation and localisation projects in over 100 languages.


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