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This section answers the questions clients most often ask Soget.

  1. How are quotes and offers managed?
    Every product or service provided by Soget is accompanied by a formal quote or offer, which is issued by one of our sales managers. If the product involves more than one service (e.g. translation, DTP, design, copywriting, printing etc), this will be reflected in the quote. The cost per unit is taken from the price list issued at the beginning of each new working relationship or when an order is renewed. Quotes can be requested verbally, in writing or by filling in the online form. The customer should send a signed copy of the quote to Soget as soon as possible to avoid delays. This acts as formal approval of the quote, which is required before we can draft the definitive order. When we receive the signed quote we will reassess our contract (as required by the our quality system) and begin drafting a quality plan, which will be identified by a unique reference number. This number will be given to you with the finished document and will be included in the invoice.

  2. Does Soget have a Quality System?
    Soget adheres to a quality system conforming to UNI EN ISO 9002 regulations. All services are provided in compliance with UNI 10574 regulations. The system is certified by ANCIS - SINCERT.

  3. How are the services provided?
    Every service is formally drafted in a 'quality plan'.
    This document contains all information regarding each service, including the subject, software resources, technology and glossaries used and the name of the Project Manager.
    This enables us to maintain continuity and uniformity, and it also helps us track each product or service.
    If you wish to change your order at any time, please contact our sales manager, who will change the quality plan or carry out the appropriate corrective measures.
    Quality plans are managed by a specially designed in-house IT system.

  4. Who manages the services?
    We will assign you a Project Manager who will oversee:
    - Customer relations
    - HR management
    - Checking and inspection of documents during receipt, execution and delivery
    Documents requiring the creation of a complex structure (several translators working simultaneously on vast projects) or which require the Project Manager to provide value-added services (consolidation and application of a glossary, coordination of different Soget departments - e.g. translation + DTP + printing) will be treated as such in the quote. All additional services will be calculated and charged in advance.

  5. What kind of professional resources are used for translations?
    Soget only uses mothertongue translators specializing in the relevant sector, who possess in-depth knowledge of specific technology (e.g. electronics and telecommunications, software, medicine etc).
    All professionals are selected according to UNI 10574 regulations.
    Translator qualification and training is part of the UNI EN ISO 9002 Quality Manual. We can also guarantee you the same translator over extended periods, thereby ensuring linguistic consistency and quality.

  6. Why is creating a glossary so important?
    Glossaries are crucial elements in each project. They are a fundamental part of product quality and ensure consistent use of in-house terminology.
    Glossaries are compiled using:
    - Previous translations
    - Monolingual or bilingual dictionaries
    - General glossaries, applicable to individual departments
    - Specific dictionaries relative to certain equipment or systems (e.g.: Microsoft GUI). Each glossary is approved and corrected, if necessary, by the customer.
    For large projects requiring computer assisted translation, the glossary is shared between several translators (see computer assisted translation).
    Soget uses data mining systems to extract terms from a body of documents.

  7. What is Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)?
    Computer Assisted Translation simply means that the translator or localizer uses software tools and programs to help them translate documents.
    These tools help the translators in their work (without ever replacing these highly qualified professionals) by creating a work environment that is more compatible with the functions of translation and desktop publishing. This process has several advantages, including:
    - consistency of terminology: the system produces and updates a client- or project-specific terminology database. The approved terms are automatically highlighted and placed next to the corresponding translation in a special window: this means the translator always uses the same terms and does not use terms other than those approved by the final client, even if the document or group of documents is being translated by a team of translators.
    - Fast updates: when we receive a new document, the program compares the source text with the database (or 'Translation Memory' ) created from previous translations. Each 'segment' of the source text that the program recognizes as being identical to another in the database is presented to the translator, who can accept it, reject it or change it and, therefore, incorporate it into the version being produced in the target language. Text to be translated 'from scratch' is automatically highlighted so the translator knows he or she must translate it in the usual fashion. The program then updates the translation memory (TM) with the terminology and the source/target segments produced by the latest translation.
    - Recovery of the original formatting: the program's unique interface hides (and protects) the formatting codes and styles used by the DTP program that generated the document and separates the graphics from the text to be translated: the translator can then work on pure text.

  8. How are corrections and/or amendments managed?
    Errors of terminology and grammar will be corrected free of charge. Amendments, integrations or style changes requested after the delivery date will be invoiced.

  9. Are the services provided by Soget covered by professional liability insurance?
    Soget is covered by professional liability insurance. The insurance policy covers professional damages up to € 1,550,000,000.
    You can request a copy of our insurance policy at any time.