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We established a layout and formatting team as soon as the very first DTP programs arrived on the market. We have developed along with these packages, from the very first version of PageMaker® from Aldus® and FrameMaker® from FrameTechnology® to the current versions by Adobe®, from the first ever QuarkXPress® for Macintosh to today's multiplatform versions.

In addition to in-depth knowledge of and expertise using different operating systems, we have developed our own software. Over the years, we found we needed to optimise the layout process and, in particular, find ways of re-formatting the same document in several different languages.
Our in-house tools enable us to reduce the time required for layout and formatting by up to 80%.

We are fully aware of the differences between generating brand image and awareness, and producing technical documents. We will work with you at the creative stage, providing you with unequalled experience in selecting fonts and defining multilingual layouts. At the structural stage we will organise your information according to generally accepted standards in languages such as SGML or XML.

We will design, create and localise your brochures, catalogues or manuals, making them multiplatform, multimedial and multilingual.