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Our experience in computer assisted translation technology (CAT) means we can handle any translation or localisation project, achieving the highest possible levels of accuracy and consistency of terminology and style.

In the knowledge that our clients use different operating systems and have different requirements, we use all major CAT tools, including IBM Translation Manager®, STAR Transit® and TRADOS Workbench®.

Please note: these programs do not replace human translators. They 'remember' each sentence that is translated in a single document or group of documents, then save the two-language sentence in a translation memory'. This translation memory can then be used for future documents from the same client or project. When the program comes across a phrase that is identical or similar to a phrase that has already been translated and saved in the translation memory, it suggests a possible translation to the translator, who can accept, reject or change it. These programs are particularly suited to large, technical, repetitive texts that need to be updated regularly. How can they benefit your company? In short: by giving you better translations in less time and for less money.

These programs won't disturb your original format, either. The translated text is automatically given the same formatting as the source document, saving precious time. So CAT tools are essential for large, multilingual documents that have been drafted using DTP software such as FrameMaker®, MS-Word® or Interleaf®.

Using CAT tools and compiling client glossaries are fundamental parts of the way we work. And CAT tools allow us to divide the work between several translators without compromising consistent style and use of terminology, because each translator can access the same translation memory.

We also offer the use of machine translation (MT) tools for document updates.