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We produce CDs, audiovisual media and websites in 100 languages, and can provide solutions for media integration, consultation and global distribution: in short, products that can be 'read and used' with every kind of technology in use today, anywhere in the world.

The translation and localisation of your website into Chinese and subsequent transfer onto CD that will run equally well on a Windows PC and on a Mac is a prime example of this production. But our job does not end there: technology is not enough. Effective communication needs effective design.

We create images, photographs, audio and video, and can produce a brand new image for your company.

We pride ourselves in our ability to develop graphics that effectively portray your brand image worldwide.

To do this, we carefully analyse your company and your customers' perception of its identity. These customers may be entirely foreign to your language and philosophy.

To reach them, you will need multimedia products and websites that are targeted to each and every one of those customers. Only then can your company truly call itself international.