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Software localisation is not just a response to laws and directives. It is the backbone of our business. You want your products to sell all over the world, and we can help you do just that.

Software programs usually have to be launched in different languages at the same time; this makes the localisation project extremely complex. The more complicated the project becomes, the higher the risks. In response to this, we have developed tools and workflows that reduce these risks and potential complications. Our clients give us the files that need to be localised at a very early stage, so the product is developed as it is localised and tested. We have helped companies launch products with extremely tight release deadlines as a result.

We know how important the release date is for the success of your software. Our project managers will help you stay one step ahead of the pack by supervising every stage of production. They will manage terminology, source codes and translators. They will select the right CAT tool that will cut turnaround times and ensure consistency. They will supervise the project until we deliver the final product to you.

Our management program lets us monitor every stage of the process and integrates testing procedures (tests, debugging, etc.) with system controls.

And that's not all. As we work on your product, we create translation memories, glossaries and GUIs. These help us maintain and even increase its quality, and reduce future localisation and update costs. We are dedicated partners, committed to your success.