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Every effective translocation requires the definition of specific, appropriate terminology, which can then be given to translators and localisers to use.

Picking out the crucial words and phrases from a set of documents and finding and verifying the correct translations requires a great deal of time and attention.

Nevertheless, this is a vital stage of our productive process, and one on which we refuse to compromise. We approach it from two angles. The first is the old-fashioned method, in which human translators carefully read the text and extrapolate terminology. The second approach is computerised. State-of-the-art software programs extract the terms from the electronic documents, working from statistical and morphosyntactical criteria.

The end result, in both cases, is a multilingual glossary or dictionary that can then be imported into all major computer assisted translation (CAT) systems. This means we can use these glossaries with our chosen CAT tool, speeding up the translator's work and helping him or her adhere to the client's terminology.

In some cases, this dictionary, glossary or database may be the end product. If this is the case for your company, we can supply you with an electronic database or print your glossary using your company's editorial templates.