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Soget provides translations to and from all major languages, sectors and formats.

Translation is more than the simple conversion of text from one language to another. It is a vital part of the communication process. Every text conveys a message: it is our job to ensure that this message is completely and accurately conveyed in another language. This cannot be done without the knowledge that every language is an expression of a culture, and that every text is intended for a specific audience.

The only way to be sure that a translation doesn't read like a translation is to use mother-tongue professionals who translate exclusively into their own native languages and have the skills required to meet the highest linguistic standards. Every stage of the translation process is fully automated, and includes the ongoing selection and training of specialised translators, continuous updating of terminology databases, the creation and use of dedicated glossaries (data mining), the use of CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation) and strict adherence to quality control procedures.

Our computer network gives us real time access to the skills of specialised translators all over the world.

An exclusive glossary is compiled for each client, which is then issued to the translators. This means the client's in-house terminology will always be accurately and consistently used.
Each job is assigned to an experienced Project Manager, and each stage of the project is supervised by a special computer management system. This system can tell us at any moment which translators are working on the text in question, what software they are using, how the translation is progressing and what checks have been carried out thus far.

For Soget, translation is not just an intellectual process requiring personal skills, linguistic expertise and the ability to manage terminology. It is an entire productive process. Our technology helps us honour the source text and cut costs.