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We believe that website localisation is one cog in a wheel that includes globalisation, localisation and translation, internationalisation, maintenance, hosting and feedback assessment.

Our globalisation process focuses on market objectives, diffusion and use in target countries, and structures specific projects such as e-commerce and e-learning.

Localisation and translation require a smooth integration of technical and linguistic services.
We select, interpret, adapt and culturally transpose your message.
We also develop IT solutions that allow us to interact with your decisions and logic.
In the first case, we aim to broadcast content that is effective, clear and easy to read on screen. In the second, we focus on short and long-term information updates.

We provide server-oriented solutions for differentiated information updates, as well as handling HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP and PHP and managing the graphic formats GIF, JPEG, PNG and Flash

When we internationalise your site, our team will use your conventions, use state-of-the-art technology for the visualisation of all alphabets and, in general, manage and update multilingual websites on a comprehensive scale.

Website maintenance and hosting are usually requested by users who need their multilingual sites updated on a regular basis.

Feedback assessment is the final stage of a process in which functionality and transparency are cornerstones.

(*) In 2005 more than one billion people will be online (1.18 billion, to be exact). This statistic will reflect the exponential growth of Internet users in Europe, Asia and South America.
(Source: eTForecast - 19 March 2019).