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Soget has developed software that converts and transfers text files between different operating systems in all major languages and alphabets. For example, we can process a file written in Arabic by your customer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a Windows word processing program, within a formatted QuarkXPress® for Macintosh® file. within a formatted QuarkXPress® for Macintosh® file.
This is a high-tech method with which we can process any kind of electronic document without having to retype the text.
It can be applied to any kind of font and code: Postscript®, TrueType®, OpenType®, in Ascii®, Ansi® and Unicode®.

And our skills are not just limited to word processing: our in-house programs and filters enable us to translate electronic documents without disturbing the original formatting.
So, if you have an Interleaf® or FrameMaker® file, we won't have to reformat it when we translate it - we can just adapt its content.
We combine this process with the use of computer assisted translation programs, further cutting turnaround times and improving quality and consistency.

And finally, our IT and linguistic experience qualifies us to define, suggest and create the format to be used for your documentation: templates for manuals, standard templates, templates and logic for Intranets and the Internet and multiplatform solutions based on SGML and XML languages.